Ziphii for Business

We are building an open and multisided platform that provides fit-for-purpose and a plug-and-play suite of cloud apps for businesses of any size to facilitate the discovery, identification, engagement and transaction among their customers more safely, precisely and speedily.

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Options for Retailers

Whether you're just starting out or want more traffic you can increase the PACE of your retail business in Ziphii:

We'll help you:

  • Set up an optimised marketplace
  • Increase engagement
  • Reach new customers
  • Keep existing customers happy and want to stay
  • Expand what you can offer

Options to expand what you can offer online

Have you already verified the identity of customers but want to offer more services to them online?

Ziphii gives you options through an easy to use API to expand what you can offer online. You can verify identity as if they are in the same room:

  • It’s Fast, accurate and device agnostic with all the digital identity features you’ll need. 
  • Easy and accurate liveness Check
  • Protect your revenue against unauthorised use of your services
  • Improve brand trust and mitigate harm to your customers.
  • Stop the activities of identity theft fraudsters on your platforms.

Options for Onboarding

At Ziphii you can onboard new customers or members without a doubt.

We give you options for:

  • OCR on Government ID to scan and extract data from any of 500+ government IDs
  • Exact Liveness checking to verify that the person who is registering is a real life person.
  • Un-phishable and spoof-proof. No matter how sophisticated the fraudster, PASS is one step ahead with strong prevention for bad actors.
  • Deterring identity fraud by stopping it before it starts.
  • Increases conversions by being ultra fast with minimal friction

Options for Payroll

Ziphii's XTHA product gives you all you need to handle payroll and remove the need for separate software. You can view, approve and disapprove batch transactions to payroll.

You can:

  • View individual transactions to batch
  • See and select to view all events for the month
  • See processed transactions
  • View unbatched transactions before payroll
  • Disapprove transactions and provide reasons
  • Generate payroll
  • Rollback payroll
  • Download reports

Coming soon

Watch out for our pending products - We innovate fast, so keep refreshing that browser - you may just find another one added. 


Monitor multiple bank accounts with large data sets in a single dashboard 


handle complex workflows in a user friendly dashboard. 


create a marketplace for your employees with discounts and payment terms

How does it work?

It's just a few easy steps to get going:

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  • Step 1

    Sign up

    Get a free account.

  • Step 2

    Answer a few questions

    About yourself, what you like or don't like - knowing that any question you answer is one step closer to a world of discounts and deals.

  • Step 3

    Create a hub

    A social media page with a dashboard that you can personalise and start receiving those offers.