Ziphii offers a growing list of options for organisations to do more together than they can ever do on their own. With Value Networks and the power of collaboration, you can go far on your own, but faster and further together with Ziphii.

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Options for harnessing value

When you come together as a group you have collective value. Our HIVE product lets you harness the strength of Value Networks with 2 options:

Consumer led:

  • Open your member group up to receive better offers and discounts
  • Use your value as a specific consumer group to its full potential.

Producer led:

  • Be your own service aggregator
  • Give your members a better way to be found,
  • Validate their expertise, and
  • Showcase their value with less expense.
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Options for Charities

What if you could get free technology built for you to make fighting poverty much more efficient and fraud proof with less admin.

SAHEL is a social protection product that enables:

  • The underbanked in remote locations to create digital identities
  • A friction free process, for the poor to open bank accounts.
  • Remote access points to receive charity donations.
  • A corruption free process without the men in the middle diverting funds
  • Beneficiaries receiving a greater portion of the intended funds.
  • Those in poverty to receive expanded financial services that lead to social protection.
  • Reduced Admin costs
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Expand what you offer online

If your members are already enrolled but you want to offer more services to them remotely. P4i is the answer.

It gives you:

  • Safer, identity verified appointments that would normally require a physical visit
  • Device agnostic digital identity checking
  • Fast and Easy liveness Check
  • High performance and accuracy - Regardless of the conditions
  • Fraud prevention
  • Improve member trust and mitigate harm.
  • Stop credential sharing
  • Duplicate user and Fraud group checks
  • No Risk of a honeypot - liveness data is deleted. 

Options for a digital identity register

Whether it's to simplify authentication or just clean up payroll, any organisation can find a solid response in Ziphii with our digital identity and security solution. 

Our CAPTIVO product provides:

  • An Easy access, Cloud based register 
  • Easy payroll integration 
  • Real time identity verification
  • Unauthorised access prevention
  • Time attendance management
  • Clean up your payroll
  • Prevent double dipping from ghost workers or members. 
  • Eliminate financial crimes and leaks. 
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Coming soon

Watch out for our pending products - We innovate fast, so keep refreshing that browser - you may just find another one added. 


Monitor multiple bank accounts with large data sets in a single dashboard 


handle complex workflows in a user friendly dashboard. 


create a marketplace for your employees with discounts and payment terms

How does it work?

It's just a few easy steps to get going:

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  • Step 1

    Sign up

    Get a free account.

  • Step 2

    Answer a few questions  

    About yourself, what you like or don’t like - knowing that any question you answer is one step closer to a world of discounts and deals.

  • Step 3

     Create a hub

    A social media page with a dashboard that you can personalise and start receiving those offers.