Your AI-powered Digital Identity and ID-Proofing solution for online accounts

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Seamless user experience

Hassle-free, seamless user experience meets with digital identity security in an easy to integrate API. In PASS for iAccounts allows you to give a better login experience to your customers without creating any headaches for your compliance department.

Get enhanced AI-powered options

With PASS for iAccounts, you get enhanced AI-powered options for secure remote identity proofing so that you can expand the online services you offer to your customers.

Simple, quick and easy liveness Check

A simple, quick and easy liveness check from a 5-second video selfie is packed with world leading accuracy. With a 1 in 125 million False Acceptance Rate - it’s virtually impossible to beat.

Identity Verification and Identity proofing

You may have established the identity of your users when they opened their account. But things change rapidly. What if you want to provide remote access to some of your resources that normally require a physical appointment?

It's fast, accurate and device agnostic with all the digital identity features you'll need.

Weak 2D images become strong 3D encrypted Facemaps

AI powered physical Biometrics are captured to create an encrypted 3D FaceMap. When compared against an existing 2D image, and verified for liveness, it turns an easy to compromise asset into a robust fraud-proof solution.

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Highly accurate liveness checking

Less than 1 in 125million FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and < 1% FRR (False Rejection Rate) means that it's accurate at keeping the wrong people out and accurate at letting the right people in.

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Technology agnostic

No need for the user to have the latest tech with the most up to date specs It works on any modern device with a basic digital camera.

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Stops sharing of credentials

PASS for iAccounts Authenticates based on who they are, not what they know or what they have. The liveness of your face can’t ever be shared like a password, or stolen like a wallet.

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Friction Free

Decades of engineering capability are packed into the tech behind a quick and easy 5 second video selfie. It’s fast, accurate and user friendly to keep that customer satisfaction high.

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Duplicate user and Fraud group checks

PASS for iAccounts will immediately tell you if a user is a duplicate or if they belong to an existing fraud group. Not later, after they’ve snooped around stolen a few things and deleted their account. It’s accuracy that’s on time, not in hindsight after it matters.

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How does it work?

All you need is a 2D image and a unique ID for each user.


Integration with Most Powerful Platforms

Dynamically pursue reliablet convergence rather than 24/7 process improvements develop end-to-end customer service impactful action items and web-enabled markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any entity that delivers value to its customers via online channels.

It’s just a few short steps to gain quick progression into fraud prevention.

  • Visit Ziphii site, create a user account,
  • Create a hub
  • While creating your hub, you’ll be guided to the Ziphii App Store, where PASS by Ziphii iAccounts can be added to your site.
P4i is cross-device and cross-platform.
No, P4i does not share user PII with third-party entities. This is in compliance with GDPR regulations, ISO/IEC standards and corporate best practices on data privacy and information security.
Send an email to enquiries@ziphii.co.uk to book a demo today.