Social protection you can count on!

Deliver direct cash transfers to poor and vulnerable people across the world in a safe, secure and transparent manner.

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Streamline the delivery of direct cash transfers to the poor and vulnerable wherever they are.

We ensure 100% of the funds pledged by donors get to the intended beneficiaries; we also provide detailed information of all the recipients.

Sahel is designed to enable the collaboration of different stakeholders within the social protection sector participate together in delivering social benefits like direct cash transfers to the vulnerable.


Sahel digitally transforms the way social protection is delivered through the following ways.

All the Features You Need

Pre-Sealed Forms

Pre-sealed secured registration forms are generated after targeting and issued to prospective beneficiaries .

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Easy to Set Up

Simple and easy scheme setup process.

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Rich UI

Rich and intuitive user interface.

Dashboard with program metrics to monitor program performance.

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Easy-to-track flow of funds from donor to beneficiary.

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Biometric-based Identities

Distinct biometric-based digital identities for all participants.

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Digital ID vs Bank Account

Bank accounts linked to digital IDs of all beneficiaries.

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Integration with Most Powerful Platforms

Dynamically pursue reliablet convergence rather than 24/7 process improvements develop end-to-end customer service impactful action items and web-enabled markets.

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How It Works

With Sahel, Government can create different categories of citizens needing help.

The beneficiaries are issued digital identities and a bank account is linked to it. This unlocks value by creating opportunities to receive funds from donors and sponsors while allowing them participate in the financial system in their communities.

Donors move their funds to designated partner banks, and these funds are automatically transferred to the beneficiaries on a periodic basis as defined by the scheme.

work process
  • Step 1


    Target and Identify Prospective beneficiaries who need assistance

  • Step 2


    Register and Enrol them into the platform while creating a biometric-based digital Identity for them

  • Step 3


    Use their digital Identity as KYC information to open bank accounts for all of the beneficiaries

  • Step 4


    Deliver donor funds directly to their bank accounts and extend other financial services to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sahel is a social information management platform that streamlines the delivery of direct cash transfers to the poor and vulnerable across the world.
Sahel is primarily designed for government’s who need a platform to efficiently deliver cash transfers to the poor and vulnerable in the society. It can also be used by development agencies and organizations around the world critically involved in providing social protection.
With Sahel you are sure that funds will get to the intended beneficiaries. Sahel also comes with a very intuitive dashboard interface that provides rich information on how every scheme and program is being managed. Sahel helps you avoid possible misuse and diversion of funds for other purposes.
Sahel is used by program administrators to target, identify and register beneficiaries. A biometric-based digital identity is created for each beneficiary and this information is used to open a bank account on their behalf. Periodically funds are deposited into these accounts which beneficiaries can access by a simple biometric authentication process.
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