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create a digital identity and safely and easily share your identity when, where, how and what you like to businesses and organizations both remotely and in person.

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Benefits Fitted For You

Explore and Enjoy of all the goodness Ziphii brings

Get the best deals on the planet

You get a specialised service tailored towards your needs. Discover how you can spend less and save time

Connect, Engage and Transact

In Ziphii, you create your own community with a verified identity, and then decide who, when and what to share online and in person.

Digital identity at your service

No need to carry multiple ID's, you can have a digital ID for you to prove your identity, wherever, whenever you want.

Guaranteed Data Security

It's in identity-driven, safe environment with gated access. It's on your terms ,decide what info to share, with whom and when

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More Benefits for you

ZEAPS At Your Fingertips

Intrinsicly network transparent services whereas B2C ROI. Globally create installed base quality vectors after innovative.

  • Account Digital Onboarding

    Use the New remote account opening ZEAP to open any type of accounts without the need to come to a branch

  • Account Management

    Handle dispense errors through POS machines more swiftly and Prevent Friendly fraud using the Friendly Fraud Protection tool

  • Cross Selling Product

    Why restrict a new service to just in-branch customers Give your customers the convenince to have unlimited access to your new services remotely

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